Website Traffic Analysis

The success of your website depends on how much traffic it generates with the coming days. SB Web Technology reviews and analyzes the website traffic, and shares the result of your website with you to enhance its day to day performance, operation, management, and security issues.

It is difficult for an ordinary business person to discover the failure on his/her website. We provide the best web solution that suits you and your website, the best way it can.We deal with

  • Monitoring your audience’s activity. We analyze
  1. -Where are they going the most?
  2. -From which search engine they are coming to your website?
  3. -Which keywords are they using to search your website?
  4. -Which part of your website has the highest traffic?
  5. -How often do they return?
  6. -Where are they going the most apart from your website for same information? And so on.
  • Valuable insight into the performance of your website.
  • Capture the performance of your website and give it a clear picture for easy analysis.
  • Advising you with the information you needed to share for more website traffic generation.

Our Motto

We strive to add the values in our services and our employees deliver the best to our customers with quality, attitude, creativity and experience.