Privacy Policy is governed by the Constitution of Nepal under the Privacy Act 2018. This privacy policy regulates how administers the collected personal information.

The term “Personal Information” here implies the information of an individual registered in the website system. This privacy policy applies to such information collected and/or stored by

The Privacy Policy also explains how we process personal data, as required under the General Data Protection Regulation. 

We review the contents of this policy regularly; so this document may be updated from time to time. 

What type of data is collected and stored by 

We collect our users’ personal information to provide our products, services and most importantly, customer support. 

Not all information requested, collected and processed by is termed as “Personal Information” as it does not identify the user as a specific person. This includes the majority of “User Generated Content” that the user provides us with the clear intention of sharing with others, so such information is not covered by this privacy policy. 

However, it will be taken as personal information if such non-personal information may be used in aggregate or linked with the existing personal information. In such a case, this policy will list both types of information for the sake of transparency. 

Users may, on some occasions, provide us with some personal pieces of information without our request to do so, or through ways not specifically intended for the collection of such types of information. While we, to our best efforts, take various steps to protect such data, the user will have directly or indirectly bypassed our system, so such information provided will not be governed by this privacy policy. 

Similarly, the user may transfer their personal data to us using platforms outside our control, for example: through forums, social media, etc. In such a case, the information collected by us will be governed by this policy, but the platform using which it was communicated will be administered by its own Privacy Policy.

How does collect personal information? 

In the course of using our services, you may be confronted to register certain types of personal information, which might happen through our website, in-person meetings, applications,  telephone call, paper form or online chat system. You will receive a collection notice after successful registration, verbal or written, where we’ll elucidate how your information will be used. 

The information that the website collects include:

1. Basic Information:

  • Account Details: Username, user-set password, and profile picture
  • Contact Details: Email Address, Phone Number
  • Location: Current Address, Billing Address, Timezone
  • Identification: Full Name, Identity Proof(e.g. Citizenship, Driving Licence, Passport), Address Proof(e.g. Utility Bill), Recent Photograph
  • Financial Information: Bank Account Details, Esewa Account, Social Security Number, etc.
  • User-Generated Content: User Profile, User Messages, User Reviews, etc.

2. Information from Other Platforms:

Users may further provide authentication to connect their account on other platforms(e.g., Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc.) to collect personal information. Information collected from such platforms shall be governed by this Privacy Policy. Users may, at any time, stop the system from accessing their data on other platforms by disconnecting manually from the desired platform or by contacting our support team. 

Moreover, the users have the authority to invite non-users to this platform by providing basic contact details, e.g., email address or referral link. In these conditions, the data will be collected and stored by the system to contact the “non-user” and prevent abuse of the existing invite system. 

The user specified payment provider may transmit information about the payment which the system, by default, collects and stores for record keeping. 

Besides other platforms, personal information, in some cases, may be obtained from various public sources.

  • The information that may be collected and processed includes:
  • Basic Details: Username and profile picture
  • Contact Details: Email Address, Phone Number
  • Location: Current Address, Billing Address, Timezone
  • Financial Information: Bank Account Details, Social Security Number
  • User-Generated Content: User Profile

3. Further information collected as the user uses our service

We preserve records of our interactions with our users, including each product, service and customer support provided by us. This incorporates the interactions users have with our system or website; like when a user has clicked a button or viewed a specific page.

In order to deliver certain services, we may, sometimes, passively collect your GPS co-ordinates, wherever available, from your device. Most smartphones will pop a permission request when such data is requested by the system.

Whenever the user contacts the organization, certain datas may be collected from the user which is intrinsic to the communication, for e.g., the email address if the user contacts using email.

Other information that may be collected include:

  • Metadata: Computer and Configuration Information, IP address, web log information, referring web page, language settings, timezone, etc.
  • Device Information: Device Type, Plugins, Hardware Specifications, etc.
  • Location: GPS Position
  • Actions: Buttons Clicked, Viewed Pages, Time Spent Browsing, Searched Items/ Keywords, etc.

How does S.B. Web Technology use the collected Personal Information?

The information requested, collected and processed by is mainly used to aid the users in receiving the product or services they requested on our website. To be more specific, may use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • To provide the service or product requested by the user
  • To help formulate the User Contract( refer Terms and Conditions for full imformation)
  • To respond to user enquiry or complaint regarding the product or provided services
  • To promote any other service, product or program that may interest the user(unless the user opts out from such notifications in the system)
  • Allow our developers to debug, test and otherwise operate the organization’s platforms
  • To perform research, data analysis with aim to build or improve our platforms
  • To adhere to legal as well as regulatory obligations
  • If permitted/ required by the law
  • Any other purposes with the user’s consent, unless they withdraw their consent for the purpose

The ‘lawful processing’ grounds on which uses personal information of the users are(but are not limited to):

  • If the user provides consent
  • Processing is necessary to comply with the legal obligations
  • Processing is essential to protect the vital interests of the users or of another natural person.
  • Processing in’s interests wherever these interests do not infringe on the rights of the user/s.

Access and Correct Personal Information

The user has the right to access the personal information holds about them. Unless an exception applies, the user can correct/ change the information after logging into their account. 

The user may contact our Privacy Officer if he/she wishes to access/ correct information which is not available through the platform by default. The user may, at any time, contact customer support if he/she requires assistance.

User Rights:

The user has various rights in relation to the personal data holds, but there may be certain restrictions on how they may exercise those rights, which is mainly because of the nature of the products and services provided by the website. Much of the data collected is to facilitate user contract, payments and provide protection for the legitimate users which are protected against the below rights.

You have right to:

  • Seek review of the user profiling
  • Erasure
  • Temporary restriction of processing

Last Updated on: 27th November 2019.