Learn about cookies and other related technologies we use, and the associated regulatory guidelines.

Adhering to Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) self-regulatory guidelines and principles regarding online-based advertising and all the required jurisdictions regarding online data uses, we are transparent about the use of cookies, other tracking technologies such as web beacon and non-cookie technologies (collectively known as “Cookies, Other Tracking Technologies, and Online Analytics” or “Cookies”) on our services. Similarly, we request any users to use our services understanding that we may allow other companies to do the same on the grounds of fulfilling our legitimate business interests. 

At the same time, we are also adamant to preserve and protect your choices and interest in the matter of the use of such systems and technologies.

What are cookies and non-cookie technologies?

When you visit our digital brand websites, you may receive a packet of data called “Cookies” from the platform itself. These data are downloaded on your computer or mobile device’s web browser after which the particular device sends them back without changing or altering it.

The primary function of the cookies is to keep track of your activities and visits so that the involved website can recognize your device and give you a personalized experience. 

As such, any other websites, processes, and platforms you use on our services can load cookies on your device with your consent. Therefore, a user needs to be cautious regarding the use of any platforms on the web and should know if a platform’s data usage policy is legal or not.

Similarly, non-cookie technologies are mechanisms such as web beacons, HTML5, browser cache, statistical identifiers, and likewise that are used for many legitimate purposes such as:

  • Securing online banking
  • Preventing online banking fraud
  • Enhancing the functionality and affectability of internet-based advertising
  • Understanding the traffic patterns within the domain to enhance the visitor’s experience
  • Other legitimate business interests

How Cookies Help Us?

Cookies are popular means of data collection on the web and its legitimate use can help us and the users to collaborate and function better. 

They mainly help us to:

  • Regulate and control the display of ads delivery and reporting as per your interest.
  • To understand and track usage patterns on our services. 
  • To develop better editorial content.
  • To analyze and record requests from you on our services including requests for subscriptions.
  • To personalize your experience.
  • To enable other legitimate advanced features on our services to enhance its functionality.
  • To gather anonymous or aggregated information anonymously so that we can use them for our legitimate business interests, including sharing such information to our advertisers, affiliates, business partners, third parties, and likewise.
  • To engage in affiliate marketing when deemed necessary by our content strategy and audience. However, the ads we display and the affiliates that collaborate with us no way affect how the editorial content is created on our services.  

Similarly, they help you to:

  • Get personalized experience on our services.
  • Get enhanced and secure experience on our services because of better fraud prevention abilities and reporting abilities provided by the cookies.

As a web platform, we collect information via cookies, and as a user of our services, you have to understand what kind of information they help us collect. Here are some basic examples of the type of information we collect on our services via cookies. They are:

  • Your preferences for our services related to layout, sizing, experience, language, etc.
  • Your visit on our services
  • Total or number of time page/s and website viewed on our services
  • Total or number of click/s made on our services
  • Total usage time on our services
  • Your personal and other information you or your internet activities provided to us. Such information may be your username, password, IP address, the browser you used, and other information that can be used to identify you on your next visit. 

Different Types of Cookies on Our Services

Simply, there are two types of cookies that you may encounter in our services. They are First-party cookies and Third-party cookies. 

First-party Cookies Created by Us:

They are the type of cookies created by the original site you visit. For us, our first-party cookies help us to operate our services and its features in an effective yet secure way.  Similarly, they give a better browsing experience to users on our services. Here are its types:

  • Analytic Cookies: Usage of cookies and other identifiers such as web beacons on our services to enhance experience and features based on your preference through trend, usage errors, and functionalities effectiveness analysis that may include analysis of our promotional campaigns. 
  • Functionality Cookies: Usage of cookies to recollect the choices you made on our services. When you disable functional cookies on our services, you may not be able to use the functionalities and the features that depend on them. For Example, functional cookies can be used to remember your preferred language, but when disabled the functionality also gets disabled.
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: Usage of cookies that allow us and you to operate our services and its features, such as assessing the secure areas of our services, including subscriptions. These cookies cannot be disabled because disabling them may lead to a situation where we may no longer be able to provide you content and services based on your account status or the device you use. Similarly, if these cookies are forced to not function, we may not be able to process your payment information and related information. 
  • Cross-device Cookies: Usage of cookies in addition to information we have collected about you to recognize you across multiple browsers and devices. This process of locating the same unique user may be done by us or with the help of service providers that enable this functionality. One of such service providers that help us to analyze your preferences and activities on our services is Google Analytics. To disable the cookies by Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. To install, click here.
  • Embedded Scripts: Usage of the programming codes that may be used to collect information about any of your interactions on our services, including activities such as browsing our categories and clicking different links. These codes are only active during the usage of our services.    

Third-party Cookies:

They are the type of cookies created by third party services (including advertisers, marketing companies, and associated affiliates) and downloaded to your web browser through your consented usage of our services. Some of the most popular functions of the third-party cookies are:

  • To enable third party services to store and analyze your information as cookies so that we can use their utilities to fulfill our legitimate business interests and your desire for effective service. Sometimes, we may set and access these cookies on your web browser on their behalf.
  • Mainly, third-party cookies on our services fulfill the following four functions. They are:
    • Advertising & Marketing (Eg: To maintain subscription on our services, etc)
    • Verifying your identity (Use of Facebook and Gmail login, etc)
    • Analytics (Eg: Analytics service by Google Analytics, etc)
    • Store surfing and personalized preferences and information to give an enhanced experience
  • To check out the list of our Third Party Partners, Click Here.

While we have the policy to request third party services to adhere to all the necessary privacy policy jurisdictions, we have no control over the information third-party cookies and similar technologies may have collected from you. We will, however, try to negotiate privacy policy standards with these third parties before engaging in any business or functional relationship with them.

Still, a user on our services must understand that our Privacy Policy doesn’t cover how the Third Parties collect, use, and process information from you.

Generally, we can see two types of third-party cookies on our services. They are:

  • Third-party functional cookies: Usage of cookies by the third parties who work with us to provide useful utilities and features to enhance your experience on our services.
  • Third-party advertising cookies: Usage of cookies by the third parties to collect your preferences (for all products, services, and events) and browsing habits so that we can provide relevant advertisements on our services. Other than cookies, we may also use other non-cookie technologies (which should also be collectively known as “Cookies” as per our privacy policy). Some of such important technologies are:
    • Web beacons: Computer-programming-codes-enabled cumulative graphic images (also known as pixel tags, clear gif, or web tag) and similar technologies may be used by us for a number of legitimate business purposes, including but not limited to checking user counts and interactions on our services, counting how many times our sent emails have been checked and acting on similar legitimate reasons.
      Furthermore, these web beacons can also help us in understanding how you use a web page and how we can relate to other information about you, including your personally identifiable information. Generally, we or our third party affiliates may use web beacons to collect personally identifiable information through email functionalities.
    • HTML: HTML is a language code that is used to code websites to functionality. These codes may be used to store information on your web browser or your accessing device when you use our services. This information (generally about how audiences are using our services) may be collected and used by us to enhance our services.

We Serve the Cookies on Third Party Services

When you consent to accept cookies from us on your web browser (device), our session cookies expire after you exit/close your web browser and our persistent cookies remain on your web browser until you delete them or till their expiration.  

Measures You Can Take to Manage The Use Of Cookies

In this notice, we have used the term “Cookie” or “Cookies” for both cookies, non-cookie, and similar technologies. To get more information about cookies, you can go to allaboutcookies website, and to get more information about non-cookie technologies, visit the National Advertising Initiative page about non-cookie technologies. Similarly, one can also read about web beacons on National Advertising Initiative page about the use of web beacons. 

Applying to your jurisdictions, manage your permission regarding the use of cookies to manage, store, or process personal information on our services. To do so, visit “Do Not Sell My Personal Information,” and if you are from EU, please connect with us (by email to our data privacy department) with the details given on the “Contact Us,” if you want to exercise any specific privacy rights provided by EU related to cookies.


Follow these steps carefully to secure your personal information in the digital world.

Despite our best efforts to adhere to strict policy standards to protect your personal data, we want to emphasize that we don’t have control over the privacy policy of the third parties that you may interact with on our services. Remember, any third parties that are associated with our services is not affiliated to us, but are present on our services for certain legal business functions allowed by the law. 

Likewise, we understand that we have a responsibility to ensure the maximum protection of your personal information. Still, we cannot completely stop the use of third parties features and cookies for these two purposes:

  • Ad placement and delivery
  • To enhance our services and it’s effectiveness

Therefore, we request you to be self-responsible while using our services or interacting with any third party services. To apply the best privacy preference as per your need, you can:

  • Learn and exercise your rights to opt-out as per your choices and desires. Here are how you can manage your opt-out choices:
    • On the National Advertising Initiative’s ad opt-out page, choose your opt-out choices (related to cookies, device identifiers, and other tracking technologies) that may disable tailored advertising and internet-based advertising on platforms affiliated with National Advertising Initiative (NAI). Any opt-out action via its website is subject to its policy mentioned there.
    • On the Digital Advertising Alliance’s ad opt-out page, choose your opt-out choices (related to cookies, device identifiers, and other tracking technologies) that may disable tailored advertising and internet-based advertising on platforms affiliated with Digital Advertising Alliance. Any opt-out action via its website is subject to its policy mentioned there.
    • On Google Ads Setting Page,  opt-out from Google ad personalization. 
    • Install extensions on your browser such as IBA Opt-Out By Google and Protect My Choices to opt-out from interest-based advertising and personalization based advertising on your browser.
    • Users in Canda can manage their information from being used for the purpose of target-based advertising from certain companies going to
    • Opt-out of tailored advertising adjusting ad tracking settings on your mobile devices. 
    • Try resetting any advertising identifiers from your mobile device setting page (such as IDFA). 

Applying all the measures mentioned above, it's your responsibility to understand that we cannot take responsibility for any of the opt-out measures mentioned above except those that fall under our direct control. Therefore, we will not take responsibility for any third party opt-out mechanisms and their accuracy.

Similarly, applying any opt-out measures initiated by us or by third parties, you understand that such measures are not meant to stop advertising but are meant to disable tailored advertising. Likewise, SB Web Technology doesn’t respond to “do not track” requests from your browsers since it is a standard still under development. That is so because we want to personalize your experiences with our services.

Thus, any opt-out measures mentioned above or any functionalities mentioned above that give you opportunities to manage your consent doesn’t apply to the information previously collected. However, some of our individual users will have data deletion rights as defined by the applicable laws and standards.  


Here we present the list of third parties associated with us. Please review their terms of use and privacy policy separately as well.

As of the effective date mentioned at the beginning of our Privacy Policy, here is the list of third party partners we currently work with. Remember, the list may be updated from time to time.

List of third parties associated with us

Last updated on 8th May 2020

To see a list of our third-party partners as of the date noted above, please see below. 

  • Advertising Partners
    • Google Adsense
    • Revcontent
    • Mgid
    • Ezoic
  • Tracking Vendors
    • Google Analytics
    • Ezoic
    • Cloudflare
  • Others Partners
    • Facebook
    • Sharethis
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Google DFP/AdX
    • Pinterest