SEO/Website Analysis

Website Analysis is always a crucial part of finding out the best tools for performing comprehensive site analysis and for the SEO campaign. Without the detailed research and the specialized professional, it will be hard for you to choose the best optimized and budget friendly tool for SEO/SEM campaign.

SB Web Technology measures, evaluates and analyzes the website, and helps you with the best SEO tools you need for

  • Discovering strength and weakness of your website and your content.
  • Tracking the real position in search engine.
  • Analyzing and measuring the most links of URLs and domains.
  • Compare your and your competitor’s website/link through complete website analysis.
  • Discover the website traffic of your’s and your competitor’s website.
  • Checking the contents, designs and website security for continuous improvement.

Our Motto

We strive to add the values in our services and our employees deliver the best to our customers with quality, attitude, creativity and experience.