Our Digital Brand

Our brands are fueled by the inspiration and passion of our team.  Our focus is to create the content that our audience can trust while making room to try, learn and validate new concepts and ideas that help nurture our content.


Hollywoodmask.com was formed in 2018 with a team of dedicated contributing writers and careful editors, who wanted to make a difference in the world. It was formed with a primary objective to cover important stories, events and thoughts that were limited not only to the majority culture but also highlighted the voices of the minority ⁠— be it in the sphere of politics or in the societal melting-pots such as Hollywood.


Biographyhost strives to tell the tale of the most defining moments of human history and the prominent individuals associated with them in the form of biographies and daily features. We are a digital magazine that creates content from a neutral point-of-view, taking into accounts the most trusted facts and opinions.