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Frequently Asked Questions

S.B. Web Technology is an international online publishing house that creates content for the global audience on its niche brand websites. We usually cover topics related to western entertainment, finance, rights and society, celebrities, and history.

Its vision is to be admired for its credibility, authenticity, inclusivity, and creativity through its innovative and organized content development systems, strategies, and processes. 

Each of our niche brand websites is created to serve a distinct industry and audience interest. Below is the complete list of our brand websites and the industry they serve presently.

  1. Liverampup: Sports, Interesting Facts, Short Bio
  2. Hollywoodmask: Entertainment, Pop culture, Minority & LGBTIQ rights
  3. Wikinetworth: Finance, Money, Networth, Products, and Shopping
  4. Marrieddivorce: Relationship/sexuality, advice & Tips and Celeb relationship 
  5. Biographyhost: Biography, History and Significant events

SB Technology has infused distinct editorial, content policies, and strategies in the content development cycle of its niche digital brand websites. Generally, the types of content that its brand websites create are:

  • News writing
  • General reporting writing
  • Gossip writing
  • Entertainment writing
  • Opinion writing
  • Advice, tips, and opinion writing
  • Feature writing
  • Biography writing
  • Hybrids writing
  • Blog writing

Note: Although we are open to any type of topic/content that promotes our brand. Other forms of content may include long-form content, short-form content, expert content, interview, persuasive content, and likewise.

We work with talented and passionate writers, editors, researchers, photo/video editors, and management officers who want to shape the future of our online publishing house and brand websites.

To be able to collaborate with us, you should first signup on our website here and request your interest.

No matter who you are and where you are from, we will provide you with an opportunity to make a name in the industry you follow passionately.

Here are the eligibility factors to be able to collaborate in writing, editing, or any positions on S.B. Web Technology:

  • Passion, Knowledge, and Interest.
  • Job-specific skills and aptitude.
  • Ability to adapt and learn content/digital standards.

Those individuals who we select to collaborate with us will be eligible to attend our content development training. Here are our selection criteria:

  • Sign Up with us.
  • Let us know about your preference and interest review.
  • Attend our technical tests and interview (physically/online).
  • Get a collaboration or working contract with us

No, you will not be asked to pay for the inhouse-training that will be organized after your selection. 

The total duration of the training may range from 1 week to 1 month. The training will be organized to help you further in your career with us. You will get supportive books, materials, strategies, guidelines, and support during the training.

When you sign up with us, you will be asked to take a preference review and attend further technical tests/interviews. After that, our selection board will initiate a process of approving your account.

Sometimes, you may not be able to pick or initiate a topic task on your account because of three possible distinct reasons. They are :

  • When you have used your pick limit, you will not be able to engage in a new task without consulting your supervisor or completing the existing task/s.
  • During the suspension of your account, you may not be able to operate your account or initiate a new task.
  • If you are not assigned to a brand website workspace, you will not be able to create content.

As per our policy and terms of use, we have a right to suspend or close your account for various reasons such as:

  • Engaging in fraudulent activities such as falsifying your identity and impersonating others
  • Being the initiator, catalyst or a part of the activities that result in legal liabilities against us (actual or potential)
  • Breaching other intellectual property rights
  • Breaching our Terms and Conditions
  • Engaging in any illegal activities against the laws and required jurisdictions
  • Keeping your account dormant for more than 60 days
  • Creating multiple accounts by the same individual
  • If inappropriate and invalid content found on your account or created/approved content.  May include advertisement, illegal, inappropriate, discriminatory and false contents 
  • Captcha Projects - bypass, keylogger
  • Encouraging buying and selling of products other than stated in content strategy. Our content strategy only allows the promotion of products and services that are valuable to audience interest and informational needs.
  • Silent doc exploit/FUD (fully undetectable) and javascript injections if found in your content
  • Applying bots, systems, and processes to alter our system
  • Severe or continuous violation of our content and digital standards. (Includes legal, contextual, style, structural, grammatical, factual, SEO and other issues)

Note: To protect our business and legitimate interests, give value to our audience and protect the information of other individuals, we may take various disciplinary actions against the above-mentioned breaches. Such actions may also result in actions such as income hold/seize.

After you create and submit content on your account, the Editors will consult the approval policy. Here are some important factors they will consider as per the policy:

  • The credibility of sources and information presented
  • Plagiarism and unprofessional paraphrasing/rewriting
  • Legal and digital standards
  • Compliance to preferred styles and strategies
  • Grammatical competence (Transition, context, and others)
  • Coherency of title and content

Firstly, both experienced and freshers can have a career with us. To join, Sign Up on our website and get involved in the selection process.

Here are the selection requirements:

  • Bachelor's (or above) degree that relates to the industry or job description you are applying. 
  • Individuals with no degree and experience could also collaborate with us. Freshers' need to show us that they have adequate passion, dedication, and knowledge to get the job done. 
  • Experienced individuals will be preferred.

At S.B. Web Technology we only make one type of content - of top quality. We believe that our audience base deserves authentic, valuable, and error-free content. Therefore, we may choose to refuse, remove or modify your submitted content/article if they affect (or may potentially affect) our brand value and audience experience. 

Here are the issues that may get your content rejected:

  • Plagiarism and unprofessional paraphrasing/rewriting.
  • Submitting or approving articles or drafts with copied or stolen content.
  • Submitting or approving articles with illegal, inappropriate, discriminatory, and non-credible information or content, relating to the following aspects:
    • Advertisements 
    • Self-promotion other than stated in promotion strategy  
    • Looking for work 
    • Requesting likes, comments, downloads, views, followers, likes, comment or putting in system and processes that does so
    • Captcha Projects - bypass, keylogger
    • Encouraging buying and selling of products other than stated in content strategy. Our content strategy only allows the promotion of products and services that are valuable to audience interest and informational needs.
    • Silent doc exploit/FUD (fully undetectable)
    • Javascript injections
    • Applying bots, systems, and processes to alter our system
    • Adult Contents and related texts against our content standards
  • Submitting or approving articles with severe or continuous violation of our content and digital strategies (Includes contextual, style, structural, grammatical, factual, SEO and other issues)


To pick an article, log on to your S.B. Web Technology account and go to the homepage. There, click on the drop-down button () in the upper left corner to choose your assigned niche website. 

Now, you can select suggested topics from the Free Tasks category located on the left side of the page below the upper left corner and submit accordingly. 

Furthermore, if you wish to work on the topics of your choice, again click on the drop-down button () in the upper left corner and switch to S.B. Web Technology. Now, you can go to the Material and Help category on the left side of the page and click on My Suggested Topics to suggest a topic. Your request will then be processed in no time.  

Sometimes, you may face issues while logging on to your account. These issues arise generally because of some issues related to your browsers. Here are the measures that may solve these issues.

  • First, ensure that you are logging on your account using a mainstream website browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Clear the cache and cookies from your browser. 
  • Log-out and Log-in again to your account.
  • If you are being redirected to the login page or are stuck on a page, you may have possibly disabled and blocked our cookies. Go to the browser security settings to allow our cookies. If necessary, you can also refer to the browser's help page for assistance.     
  • If the problem still exists, you should try to update your browser to the latest version.

We usually conduct our financial transactions via our trusted banking partners. After we reach an agreement with you, you will receive your income either through the bank payment or via cash/cheque payment. 

We have adopted an industry-standard payment system that takes into account different factors such as industry-standard rate, geography, national average income and inflation, candidate’s expertise and likewise.

You will generally get paid the last month’s income between 10th to 15th of the next month. Rejected or unapproved contents/articles (in case of content creators) will not be counted in your income payroll. 

You will get paid via bank transfer/deposit or cash/cheque request specific preference setup in your payee profile.

There can be instances when you may not receive your payment on time despite our best efforts to do so. Here are the measures you can take during such scenarios:

  • Sometimes, human errors and technical difficulties may result in your payment delay. In such cases, please contact the HR Department ASAP. 
  • Your income could be held or seized due to the actions mentioned in "Why was my account suspended/closed?." In that case, the associated party will be notified before taking such actions.
  • During unnatural circumstances such as economic crises, natural disasters and many more, there may sometime be a delay or halt in the payment.

No, we are not a freelancing magazine or a place that sells content to others. Rather, we are a reputed publishing house and all of the career opportunities we provide reflects our vision to be a respected content platform in the world. That means we collaborate with people via legal contracts and pay them fairly.

Further, we will send your income to you after deducting the mandatory government tax rate.

The minimum work to receive the amount set by us is based on our content development policy. As our in-house staff or freelancer (subject to the contract made on a mutual basis), you must attain the minimum number of approved articles in order to be eligible to receive the pay of that month. We have placed this system in good faith and the mentioned here may not apply in case of situation beyond control.

To see the status of your Minimum Threshold, logon to your account and click on the Earning & Payment category located on the left-hand side of the backend. Thereafter, click on the Update Payee Profile sub-category and track your threshold amount on the display page.

For further queries or to claim Situation Beyond Control, contact our HR Department.

Your total earning balance will be subject to our verification process after which it will be transferred to payable balance, which is the amount you will finally receive from us. 

In the process, some of your amounts may not have been sent to the payable balance because of the following reasons:

  • Because any working month’s salary will be paid between 10th to 15th of the next month, the income of the 15 days of the later month will be kept in earning balance so that it can be sent in the next month. 
  • Our verification process may reject your content based on various issues, see: "Why Was My Submitted Draft (Article/Content) Rejected/Removed?." That means the amount associated with your rejected content may decrease from your earning balance, thereby affecting your payable balance.
  • Sometimes, there may be some technical or human issues that may deliver inaccurate data related to your income and payment. If such a situation persists, we may take proper verification measures and showcase you the final payable balance after correcting the issues.

Generally, your content will be approved within 1 -3 days depending upon the complexity of the content types.

We hope you got your query addressed. If not Write to Us Here or Please call our office at +977 01-4112184