How it works

Workflow Timeline
  • Pick A Task

    Pick A Task

    As soon as you login to your backend, you’ll see a list of available tasks ready to be selected. But there are 2 ways of task selection:

    • Pick an issued task
    • Auto-pick in case of task urgency
  • Submit the Task

    Submit the Task

    As soon as you pick a task, you’ll be directed to a new page with all your task details on the screen aiding you in completing the picked task. Every task has certain requirements and/or a time limit. You are required to complete the task in time and submit after self-verification(e.g. proofreading).

    • Conduct research on the specific task
    • Use the suggestions while completing the task
    • Follow the title and keyword while performing the task
    • Ensure the task meets the standards mentioned in the Approval Policy.
  • Get Task Approved

    Get Task Approved

    Every submitted task requires approval to grasp the value of the task. The steps for approval of the task are:

    • The supervisor will check the submitted task.
    • Ensure that the task meets the standards mentioned in Approval Policy.
    • The supervisor approves the task if the standards are met, but he/she has the authority to send it for redo or reject the task in case of Policy Violation.
    • After the task is approved, the amount is secured and added to your account.
  • Reach Your Milestone

    Reach Your Milestone

    To get paid, you are required to collect the minimum withdrawal amount by 

    • Getting your task approved
    • Referring valuable members to join us

    Note: The minimum withdrawal amount is fixed by the Organizational Policy and you are required to amass the amount to get paid.

  • Get Paid

    Get Paid

    To get hold of the accumulated amount, you are required to ensure

    • that you have garnered the minimum withdrawal amount
    • that your account is active
    • that your payee profile is up-to-date

    Note: For the payment, you are required to register your account details(Bank Account or Esewa) in our system. The date and time of the payment is set as per the organizational policy.