How We Work

Content publishing and management is the primary function of our publishing house. We work with diverse teams, systems, and channels to ensure that our editorial calendar meets content standards and produces on time. Here is a brief summary of how our system works.

Workflow Timeline
  • Choose a Topic

    Choose a Topic

    Choosing a topic for our web magazines is a systematic process. The quality of the topic we choose heavily depends upon our content strategies and vice versa.

    But first, our content strategies are made to shape up our content categories that were formed by our Editorial team taking our target audience and audience expectations into consideration.

    For a particular content category, here’s how we choose a topic to cover.

    • Judge whether a topic idea matches the content and legal standards.
    • Choose those topics that are important to the audience and their expectations after contextual survey and/or analyzing digital analytics.
    • Choose a specific topic to the content categories.
    • Content creators will choose the topics that go along with their expertise - It can be gained through experience or proper research.
  • Research and Develop an Outline

    Research and Develop an Outline

    Since we have integrated the principles of credibility, clarity, and authenticity in our value system, our web platforms will not publish those contents that are not well researched and credible.

    After an appropriate topic is selected matching all the topic standards, a content creator affiliated to any of our magazines must first conduct required research processes passionately and determinedly.

    Similarly, the content creator must also develop an outline (pre-draft) during and after the information collection/research process. It is done so that the information collected by the content creator can be organized properly prior to the content development process.

    The full summary of the process is given below:

    • Effectively and efficiently research adequate sources for supportive facts, evidence, and information.
    • Check whether your sources and the presented information are authentic and trustworthy.
    • Formulate outline based on content structures and categories during and after the information collection process.
  • Develop the Content

    Develop the Content

    We believe that content formulation or development is a creative process and a fine content is a work of art. Thus, we understand that content creators need time and resources to foster their creativity and accuracy in the content development process.

    At the same time, we demand that the content creators proofread their first draft themselves before submitting them to a copy editor.  

    Below is the standard procedure a content creator must comply while penning a content.

    • Create a content draft based on the content structures/categories established by the Editorial Department.
    • Proofread the draft before and after the content development process.
    • Get support, ideas, and assistance from your team members to ensure a better quality of your draft (in case of the in-house team.)
  • Proofread, Approve and Publish

    Proofread, Approve and Publish

    Our Editorial Department systematically works in order to create quality published contents that are relevant, credible and backed by evidence. It defines standards and practices for the editing supervisors and content creators. It takes into account the concerns of each stakeholder and creates an editorial policy and content strategy.

    As per our Editorial policy and guidelines, a concerned editing supervisor or team must work on the following factors before publishing the final draft:

    • Check whether the content draft was created with credible information and sources.
    • Check if the content draft follows the neutrality principle.
    • Verify whether the content draft complies legal and ethical standards.
    • Filter the submitted draft through all the editing process.
    • Publish the final copy of the draft on our brand website following the required digital standards.
  • Review and Repeat

    Review and Repeat

    Not only that the content creators and editors will ensure high value following our content/digital guidelines, strategies, and structures, our quality control processes will also infuse responsibility factor in the way content is created. Adding to that, our update strategy will add value to the published contents if deemed necessary by the audience's expectations.

    Last but not least, we understand that the contents published on our platforms may not be perfect or maybe misleading because of human errors; and, thus, need optimization. However, we are open to correct any such issues.

    Here’s a brief  overview of the entire process:

    • Ensure the quality of our contents before, during and after the content development process through Quality Control(QA) structures.
    • Follow a comprehensive update strategy so that the relevancy and freshness can be maintained in the required published content.
    • Operate the feedback collection processes and communication channels so that the correction or optimization of any unintended and/or reported issues in the published contents may be performed.

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