S.B. Web Technology understands the importance of quality and consistent performance in the process of building trust, so we have designed this system specifically to create a secure, rewarding and pleasant experience. Every S.B. Web Technology’s project and member is valued; so the company has incorporated a wide range of features that delivers both quality and peace of mind to the individuals the company connects with.


Why Trust S.B. Web Technology with your Valuable Time and Talent?

No Obligation:

No user is fully obliged to browse sbwebtechnology.com. No paid membership is required to start contributing as a content developer. There is no obligation to work because we believe that a person should do what they like and not something they are forced into doing.


No Hidden Fees:

Sbwebtechnology’s payment structure is very straightforward. The company establishes rate for the task when it is created, and confirms the release of that fund as soon as the task is approved by the supervisors. There are no hidden fees a user is required to pay, either during enrolling or after registration.


Financial Security:

The protection of use user’s personal and financial details is the company’s topmost priority, we transfer the earned amount of the team members through a bank to an account provided by the user themself and as for the information, the company does not reveal any details of the user unless any legal obligation occurs.


Convenient Customer Support

S.B. Web Technology aspires to make sure that the user has the best experience possible. We offer direct as well as self-service customer support options. We understand that happy users will come back and refer other valuable users to join the cause, ultimately building an everlasting S.B. Web Technology community for all.


Dispute Assistance

There are very rare occurrences that the users fall into a dispute, but in case that happens, S.B. Web Technology stands with its users to resolve the dispute and reach a point of compromise.