What We Do

In our web magazines, we create a range of contents based on the issues and stories that affect our audience. 

We work diligently in the area of web content development. We create web platforms that cater to diverse web information categories.

Creating comprehensive content development platforms for professionals, freelancers, content creators, and authors, we help the audience feed their curiosity hunger. We are guided by our editorial and content development policies that are based on the current requirements set forth by the digital space, ethics and legality principles.


Joining us may be the perfect opportunity for you if you have dreamed of showcasing your by-line in the international web magazine sphere.

We Hire In House Content Creator / Author

1. We Hire In House Content Creator / Author

Anyone who respects and practices the art of writing - from an aspiring author seeking to earn a big break in the industry to a professional with years of experience – can be part of our in-house content development teams.   

We believe that there are three distinct factors that can make a successful author - training, talent, and experience. Our recruiters will fairly analyze your talent and/or experience, and provide you adequate content guidelines and training if you are selected.

How can you get hired?

  • Signup with us.
  • Take a basic competency test.
  • Examination of the test by a senior supervisor.
  • Wait for our HR Department to contact you.
  • Fix an appointment with the HR Department for an interview.
We Hire Home Based Contributors

2. We Hire Home Based Contributors

The evolving modern technology has been changing the way we function in a regular job because of our heightening desire for work-life balance.

We, the modern citizens, praise the idea of freelancing — the ability to work remotely, avoiding daily hassle of regular jobs while being able to earn money at our will, spend adequate time with our close ones, and manage time for other important things we want to do in life.

What’s more, we want the flexibility in terms of working hours and wish to work in desired projects anytime we want. Furthermore, we love the idea of choosing a project from a vast pool of jobs. Not only that, many of us want to be able to work on multiple projects and multiply our knowledge and skills.

Freelancing = Ability to choose work and client + Opportunity to earn more/less + Exposure in multiple areas/projects + time flexibility = Being your own boss.

Thus, anyone who despises the normal 9-5 job can benefit from the S.B. Web technology’s freelancing opportunities. Its freelancing system provides a glimpse of how everyone may work in the future: remotely, independently, freely and objectively.

Did you know: According to a report by Freelancers Union in 2016, one-third (1/3) of the total US workforce were involved in freelancing.

How can you get hired?

  • Signup with us.
  • Take a basic competency test.
  • Examination of the test by a senior supervisor.
  • Wait for our HR Department to contact you.
  • Fix an appointment for a guideline/orientation session
We Recruit / Promote Editors

3. We Recruit / Promote Editors

Editors are passionate about perfection. They have a keen eye for detail that helps them to correct even minor issues. They can play with content structure/tone until it matches the taste of the targeted audience.

Editors are one of the most important figures in the modern digital industry. That is the case because they are the first line of defense against fake news, untrustworthy sources, and typographical/grammatical errors that can hamper one’s reading experience.

We rely on editors because they can smartly trace errors in the raw contents created by the content creators and authors.

Join our core editorial team: make our contents more credible, well-research, inclusive, and creative.

We provide professionals an opportunity to be an integral part of our office team, working to operate and enhance the overall system for personal as well as organization’s growth.

How can you get hired?

  • Signup with us.
  • Take a basic competency test.
  • Examination of the test by a senior supervisor.
  • Wait for our HR Department to contact you.
  • Fix an appointment with the HR Department for an interview.
We Develop Content

4. We Develop Content

Modern digital magazines exert their existence disseminating up-to-date information every possible way and tend to forget the past. However, we want to function as an innovative platform that covers what is important to our audience - irrespective of the trend.

We are passionate about the contents we develop. We want to grow our web-magazines progressively collaborating with diverse authors, ideas, and concepts.  We don’t want to do what everyone else is doing; instead, we want to work hard to flourish our brand by recruiting individuals who are creative and think out-of-the-box.

Our mission is to earn a distinct reputation in the digital industry by gifting our audience well-researched and contextual contents at the right time. Therefore, we try to tune our content structures, guidelines, styles, tones, and outlines as per the their expectations.  

Doing so, we have realized that we should be guided by following content/context principles:

  • Relevancy
  • Trustworthiness and credibility
  • Usefulness
  • Objectiveness
  • Legal
  • Consistency
  • Completeness                    
  • Well-researched
  • Editorial vision and teamwork
We Publish on Web Magazines

5. We Publish on Web Magazines

What keeps us up at night is our commitment to publishing relatable contents to a wider audience in the most logical manner possible. Simply, each component of our web magazines speaks about one thing — meeting audience expectations. We publish so that we can contribute to the world around us.

Our content creators, writers, and editors follow comprehensive content guidelines and structures so that the utmost content experience can be attained. Similarly, we value feedback from our audience seriously to be a better version of ourselves with each passing day.

We Assure High Audience Value

6. We Assure High Audience Value

Publishing a web-magazine is a tedious job. But for us, the decision to create web magazines have been the best decision we ever made.

We have learned with copious patience and dedication that a digital page is not just about the texts we write or the pictures we provide; rather, it’s about the commitment to provide a wholesome experience to the audience. This is the reason why we are in the publishing industry.

Not only we connect content creators with the targeted audience through comprehensive content development modules, but we are also careful about each minute detail from the load time of our page, the usefulness of our contents, designing aspects of web-magazines and, how our headlines look to supporting a diverse variety of contents/categories.

Pursue your career on our western web magazines. Join Us!

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